Men’s Healing Centre

Saoro & Men Rising Together are big fans of MOVEMBER, the men’s charity that raises awareness & funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate & testicular cancer & men’s suicide.

Here at Saoro & MRT, we believe healing means MORE than physical health — it’s also spiritual, emotional & mental well-being. As we heal ourselves as individuals, it ripples out into relationships, to community & beyond into the collective consciousness. 

That’s why for November 2023, we did MORE-VEMBER on social media — to explore men’s healing & well-being in all its dimensions. 

Now that November is over, we wanted to capture the resources that were shared so generously by all the men that participated in More-vember with us, so that men on the healing journey, or considering starting on the journey can have a resource to find out more about men’s healing, where they can get support & to be as inspired as we’ve been. We’d encourage all the women out there to nudge the men in their lives to have a look; but also to explore this space for themselves – to learn, to bear witness, to support each other to heal.

As individual men heal, we all heal.

As men gather together to heal, we all heal.

Men Rising Together

All Rising Together

Vivienne & Deirdre – Saoro @saoroexperience Patrick-Joseph & David-Patrick – Men Rising Together @menrisingtogether


Men Talking Together

  • MRT meet Barry Adamson

  • SAORO meet Conan O’Donnell

  • MRT meet Ciaran May of Natural Resilience

  • Men Rising Together live – David-Patrick Farrell & Patrick-Joseph Douglas

  • MRT meet Darragh Stewart

  • MRT meet Declan Hammond

  • MRT meet Diarmuid Lyng


Men Meditating Together

Journey inwards with a meditation from Michael Ryan

THE Journey

Men on the Healing Journey Together

Meet Men Rising Together – David-Patrick Farrell on his healing journey with & Patrick-Joseph Douglas & how they started MRT
Declan Hammond on the toxic pressure on men today & embracing the sacred masculine
Read Barry Adamson’s poetry: 
Aldo Jordan on Soul Retrieval & Shamic Practices
Aldo Jordan on the power of the Winter Solstice
John Scott on Shamanism & mens healing
Peter Buknicz shares his healing journey with martial arts
Marcin Stanek on healing through sound
Rob Sheridan on Healing with Tibetan Bon
Kim McKayed’s sacred astrology

Meet the Artist: Derek McBirney
Ray Gunn & hiking the HIgher Ground
Meet the Artist: Darren Austin Hall