Rise and Fall

Rising and falling like nature’s flower, in nature’s hour, endless. Continuing and never ending, the flower grows and the flower goes. On which soil next, it will never know. Whilst it is exactly where it is meant to be. It gives life to all that surrounds it, all that exists in its environment. nurturing and being with all that surrounds it. Knowing that one day it will no longer be where it is, but will be again where it is meant to be. So, it indulges the hour in where it is, At its best receiving its best water and sun to grow to its purity. 

To be given the chance in nature’s hour to be rebirthed, is a gift of life. Into its unique essence, that has stayed within and that only it has. Evolving and growing. Not a single other flower has what it has. The whole, complete and unique presence and beauty it has to offer, to give and receive to itself and all life that surrounds it. Is a gift that keeps on giving.

So, it as a flower embraces its every hour. Displaying its beauty, in its purest essence. Exploring its depths in its environment it’s been given. Exactly where it’s meant to be, being a wild flower, a curious flower and nurturing flower.  

By Barry Adamson

Images: Carmen Meurer & Gaston Roulstone

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barry Adamson
barry Adamson
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