Working with the Energy of Damask Rose

The Extravaganja for Saoró ~ Damask Rose Tincture

Meeting Damask Rose

Meet the legendary Damask Rose, known throughout history as a symbol of love, grace, and transformation… The sacred essence of Damask Rose, with its rich connection to love and divine femininity, supports union with your higher self and the universal energies that surround you and fill your heart. 

The therapeutic properties of the Damask Rose are renowned for their ability to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and uplift the mood.

The delicate essence of Damask Rose, scoring the highest on the spectrum of aromas and vibrations of the Flora, uplifts your mood and invigorates the senses, offering a gentle boost of vitality and deep connection with your heart.

Damask Rose Tincture

Step into a realm of pure elegance and timeless beauty with Damask Rose tincture developed by The Extravaganja for Saoró. Crafted with meticulous care and reverence, this exquisite potion captures the essence of the legendary Damask Rose.

The Damask Rose, revered for centuries for its enchanting fragrance and healing properties, takes center stage in this divine elixir. Each drop is infused with the delicate essence of this majestic flower, inviting you to experience its subtle yet profound magic.

As you indulge in Damask Rose tincture, prepare to be transported to a world of beauty and tranquility. Feel the gentle embrace of the rose’s fragrance enveloping you, soothing your senses and calming your mind.

With each sip, allow the essence of the Damask Rose to infuse your being with its divine energy. Feel its loving presence washing over you, uplifting your spirit and nourishing your soul.

Allow this sacred elixir to guide you on a journey of inner healing and self-discovery, as you embrace the transformative power of the rose.

Ways to Work with Damask Rose Tincture

To experience the magick of Damask Rose, simply add a few drops of the tincture to your Ceremonial Cacao.

If you haven’t tried Damask Rose tincture before, to connect and start to develop a relationship with this wonderful plant, take one drop under your tongue, close your eyes, take 3 deep belly breaths and observe how you feel it and where you feel it in your body.

After that find your golden spot by observing how your body reacts to higher dosages (2 full droppers are the optimum dosage for anxiety and deep work).

Remember to stay open to receive the guidance of Damask Rose.

Let the elixir infuse your being with its delicate yet potent vibrations, connecting you to the depths of your inner wisdom and guiding you on a journey of self-discovery.

Each bottle of Damask Rose tincture is carefully crafted with love and intention, using only the finest ethically sourced ingredients in a shamanic ritual following the Wise Women Tradition of healing. My commitment to quality ensures that you receive a premium product that honours the sacredness of this revered flower.

Indulge in the enchantment of Damask Rose and let its essence transport you to a realm of serenity and transcendence. Experience the magick for yourself and embrace the profound healing and spiritual awakening that awaits within every drop of my Damask Rose tincture.


★ A “dropperful” has about as much alcohol as a ripe banana

★ One “dropperful” equals about 25-30 drops (when you squeeze the rubber bulb, the dropper fills about halfway up – squeeze twice to have full dose)

★ The optimum dosage is 2 full droppers and I would not recommend the sublingual way (under the tongue) as in the long term it may cause degradation of the membranes

★ Please note that the benefits described are based on traditional beliefs, personal

experience and historical usage.

Note: This product is intended for spiritual and personal use. Please consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.


“I am surrounded by love and beauty.”

“I embrace the transformative power of the Damascene Rose and I stay open to receive all of its medicine”

“I am open to receiving the healing energy of this sacred elixir.”

“I honour the wisdom of the rose and its ancient lineage.”

“I am grateful for the profound healing and transformation that awaits within every drop.”


Close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing yourself to sink into a state of serene relaxation. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest with each breath, grounding you in the present moment.

As you hold the bottle of Damask Rose tincture in your hands, feel the smooth glass against your skin, a vessel for the divine essence within. This elixir is a tribute to the timeless beauty and profound wisdom of the Damask Rose, a symbol of love, grace, and transformation.

Gently open the bottle and take a moment to inhale deeply, allowing the sweet, floral scent of the rose to fill your senses. Let its aroma transport you to a sun-kissed garden, where the air is filled with the intoxicating perfume of blooming roses and the gentle hum of bees.

Add it to your ceremonial cacao and set an intention. With each sip of the elixir, imagine yourself drinking in the essence of the Damascene Rose – its delicate petals unfolding like secrets whispered on the breeze, its nectar a sweet reminder of the love and beauty that surrounds you.

As you continue to drink, feel yourself becoming one with the essence of the rose, merging with its energy and wisdom. With each swallow, feel your heart opening like a rose in full bloom, radiating love, compassion, and gratitude to all beings.

Now, as the elixir settles within you, take a moment to simply be. Feel the soft, soothing energy of the rose spreading through your body, calming your mind and uplifting your spirit. Allow yourself to bask in the gentle embrace of this sacred moment, knowing that you are held and supported by the loving presence of the rose.

With a sense of deep peace and gratitude in your heart, slowly return to the awareness of your surroundings. Gently open your eyes and take in the world around you with fresh eyes, seeing the beauty and wonder that surrounds you in every moment.

Carry the essence of the Damask Rose tincture within you, allowing it to nourish and uplift you as you continue on your journey. May its healing energy guide you towards greater love, joy, and transformation in every aspect of your life.

May this meditation bring you peace, joy, and a deeper connection to the beauty and wisdom of the Damask Rose. 

Enjoy your journey with the Damask Rose tincture, and may it fill your life with love and abundance.

Written by Agata, The Extravaganja
Image Credits: Author & Shutterstock

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