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Hi my name is Vivienne and on behalf of myself and my partner Patrick I’m delighted to welcome you to Saoro Experience! We’ve created Saoro as an online hub where people can connect with others on a healing journey – be it Shamanism, energy work, Sacred Plants like Cacao, or other Spiritual and healing traditions, we are a broad and inclusive community!

Vivienne Dempsey, Founder

We wish this to be a place where people can express themselves freely and write of their interesting and diverse journeys to a like-minded audience. A place of Sharing, Connecting, Understanding, Supporting and celebrating each other. 

My own journey with Shamanism began some years ago as I was I looking for a way to access deeper hidden parts of myself. It has been a path of growth and expansion in a myriad of miraculous ways and has enriched my life beyond measure (I look forward to sharing)! The Sacred plants, including Cacoa have been very much part of that journey. They have opened my heart and mind and freed my soul. Cacoa is very much my daily ritual to support and guide my continued healing journey and connection to self. I work from home as a Shamanic practitioner, and am also teacher/trainer with The Irish School of Shamanic Studies in Castlebar.

At Saoro our mission is to source sustainable Cacao which supports the producers with a fair price whilst also being affordable to our community in Ireland and beyond. We are currently sampling a variety of Cacaos from around the world to bring you the very best Cacao experience. Patrick has many years’ experience importing food products into Ireland from global locations and so together we hope to bring you ceremonial Cacaos from a variety of sacred lands and indigenous communities around the world.


Our Team

Vivienne Dempsey

Saoro founder

Deirdre Gleeson

Saoro editor

Mary Sky

Wayshower, spuritual guide

Lorraine Hogan

Holistic & Empowering Coach

Aldo Jordan

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher

David Downey

Cacao facilitator / Chocolatier

Kim McKayed


Ciara O'Donnell

Stasha Ginsburg

The Wild Matryoshka


Our Guest Writers

Ciara O'Donnell

Ciara O’Donnell

Creative Artist

Stacey O’Leary

Cacao Facilitator Trainer

Our Mission Statement

How we see Saoro evolving

We see Saoro becoming an evolving Community space with a variety of wonderful contributors where new ideas will always find a warm welcome.

A forum with an open invitation to all who wish to share their experiences on this incredible journey back to self.

Promoting openness and dialogue and cohesion in our diversity.

What is coming in 2023?

In the coming months we’ll be compiling a registry of Shamanic practitioners and holistic therapists by area.

An upcoming events page for Users to promote their Ceremonies, Workshops, Gigs, Exhibitions, Classes, Groups and more!!

A selection of heavenly Ceremonial Cacao from around the world straight to your door. With some delicious recipes to accompany from David our resident Chocolatier.

Saoro supporting Indigenous communities

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