Siobhan Murray

My name is Siobhán, My spiritual journey started in 2016 when a near death experience made me look at my ‘go with the flow’ life completely differently. As long as I can remember I resisted spirit until I just couldn’t anymore.- something had to change!

I was hopping from meaningless job to another, poisoned with a gallbladder infection, on the brink of homelessness, in a relationship with a narcissist, Depression, very low self-esteem and was just 2 months postpartum!  I began researching different spiritual modalities that would help me become a better person on every level and make a change inside and out! I studied Reiki, Angelic Healing, Kundalini Energy, Herbalism, Numerology, Breathwork (to name a few) and since then surrendering to the universe and using everything I learned on my journey to manifest the life I felt I deserved.

Over the years I began sharing what I had learned with the people around me and it was like a ripple effect even down to healthy co-parenting. Now I have a stable home,  I am healthy and down 9 stone, I am more confident stepping out of my comfort zone and releasing old patterns, I have a strong chosen family & friend network with boundaries and…..I KNOW MY PURPOSE! Of course, life still has its up and downs, but coping through the ebbs and flows is just different now! with the spiritual guidance gained and learned – I am healing.

My Purpose

I had a vast corporate CV from Insurance, banking to Telecommunications ! I know now that none of these positions actually made me happy or aligned with my moral compass – I needed to be making a difference in the world as a career, it needed to be meaningful. In 2019 I got involved in Mental Health Charities working on suicide helplines to be a frontline support for people suffering and also organising events to keep the services available.

In 2020, I created a holistic festival for people to lean into and grab a taste of different modalities so they could gain the tools they need to grow and cope! Baring in mind this was the midst of the pandemic where mental health services were inundated with clients – I felt an event like this was helping in more ways than one.

With my background in Marketing, Social Media, Event Management and with a team of strong women – ‘Wellféis’ was created, a 2 day Wellness Festival touching on various modalities, workshops, classes that we all found helpful on our own journeys, all led by local professional facilitators. This event was a huge success and the feedback from attendees reported ‘life changing’ results from their experience, all while raising much needed funds for mental health services!

It was a learning curve for me as an event manager executing a holistic event that was like no other at the time – with niche additional 1:1 offerings that offered people more personal insight. It lit a fire in me to continue this work making it better than ever and to keep creating a space for people to be held, feel heard and to HEAL in whatever capacity I could. Oh my moral compass was fully north at this point!!

The more I leaned into the idea and spirit, the more the opportunities just started flowing in!! I started to hold circles, and work 1:1 with clients under my business AngelsOrbit  and in no time Lorraine Hogan, Founder of Festival Mná – Ireland’s Only women’s holistic Festival invited me on board in 2021! I am now a proud member of the team and whole heartedly believe in the ethos of this movement.

Together executing 3 hugely successful Festivals and 5+ mini retreats so far, empowering over 5 thousand women and creating an unbreakable community!! 

On this absolutely wild and wonderful journey, I have been extremely fortunate to work with Irish Brands & Holistic Facilitators (who I truly believe in) & build their ethos by spreading their knowledge through many avenues such as;  social media, websites, course building, e-books, retreats & festivals with lots in the pipeline for 2024-2025 already. 

Saoro is one of the Community based and meaningful Irish brands that I work with and it also means alot to me on a personal level too as I not only work closely with the inspiring Founder Vivienne but I gained my Cacao Facilitator Certificate here where I continued my journey into myself on an even deeper level with the medicine we are all so passionate about.

So in a nutshell, to this day – that is me!  A mother, a friend, a dog lover, a circle host, an event manager, a digital nomad – still on this Journey of life, balancing & learning every day and no resistance to Spirit (Just Bio’s) Aho.

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Siobhan Murray
Siobhan Murray
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