The release and let go / The ebb and the flow / The emotions arise / Be still, acknowledge, and let go


If you look for monsters / You will surely find them— / Simple stringy ones / To start / Cute with saucer eyes / And dripping needle teeth

She Calls Me

The sea, a paradox profound and wide / In whispers soft, in roaring tide / She cradles dreams in her gentle sway / Yet fiercely claims what’s in her way

That Black Dress

This black dress bears the marks of time / A poignant part of sorrow’s rhyme / It speaks of loss, but also grace / A gentle, dignified embrace

Earth’s Whisper

Pachamama, mother of all / Her heartbeat resonates, a primal call / In each drop of rain and every grain of sand / Her spirit dances, vibrant and grand

She is Wild & Free

In the depths of her eyes, a universe untamed / Where constellations of dreams softly flamed / Her spirit, unbridled, like rivers that flow / Through valleys and canyons where wildflowers grow.

Healing & Seeing Through Poetry

Poetry also allows me to approach the painful in myself, to gently explore it, understand its underlying quality, to uncover the shapes of grief or anger hidden beneath a difficult event or feeling. It allows the discovery of the nature of what I am trying to approach - to understand that “it is like this”, “it is like that” is incredibly helpful - it allows for greater insight.


My luck is a cardboard box / And food that is scarce / I don’t belong / In a world that does not care / That cannot distinguish / My pavement body / On the footpath


The doubts are subsiding / The spirit within / The weird and the wonderful / Where do I begin?

The Road to Self-Discovery

I see the light breaking through the crack inside this wall / And in this moment of cacao clarity, illusion begins to fall / For what I thought I never knew / Can be learned each day as I start with breath that is new