The doubts are subsiding.
The spirit within.
The weird and the wonderful.
Where do I begin?

The chasm of emptiness.
Buried each day.
Welcoming wonder.
Welcoming what may.

Challenging the ego.
Nurturing my soul.
Mining the best thoughts
That make me feel whole.

Cultivating positivity.
In the wake of the dark.
Realising my blessed gifts.
My soul spirit ark.

Night without day.
Love without hate.
Internal battles.
The angst to abate.

We are every color.
We are every creed.
We celebrate our existence.
By our every deed.

Good is a question
An answer.
A song.
The sky above us.
We all belong.

Transcend the difficulties.
That grow  in our hearts.
Forgiveness is joy.
It will never set us apart.

Love is the hammock.
Upon which we rest.
Gather your soul.
Display your daily best.

By Adele Leahy

Image Credits: Mohammed Nohassi / Mona Eendra on Unsplash

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Adele Leahy
Adele Leahy
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