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Hi my name is Vivienne and on behalf of myself and my partner Patrick I’m delighted to welcome you to Saoro Experience! We’ve created Saoro as an online hub where people can connect with others on a healing journey – be it Shamanism, energy work, Sacred Plants like Cacao, or other Spiritual and healing traditions, we are a broad and inclusive community!

Vivienne Dempsey, Founder

Party time

Midsummer Dance Party with Cacao & Blue Lotus

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The Saoro Practitioner Directory

We are super excited to announce the official launch of our brand new Practitioner Directory – a free space for holistic practitioners of all kinds to list their services online

If you would like to be listed in our Directory get in touch via our contact page

Provide us with some detail on the services you offer, your location and send us some photos.


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Vivienne Dempsey

Saoro founder

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Saoro editor

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Wayshower, spuritual guide

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Holistic & Empowering Coach

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Kim McKayed


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Dionne Luby

I started my journey with cacao in 2020. My journey brought me to Galway by packing up and just leaving. Galway is medicine to me and it's where I would go to escape for breaks until I knew I had to be there in order to survive. 

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