Foundation Cacao Recipe

By Vivienne Dempsey

There are many ways to customise & enjoy your Ceremonial Cacao, but it’s great to start with the basic instructions below. 

This recipe can be amended & added to as much as you like. Chck out the end of this article for some more inspiration on how to enhance your Cacao.

No matter how you like yours, make it with a loving intention and drink with gratitude.

For a daily dose of self nurturing:
  1. In a saucepan gently heat 1 cup of your favourite plant based milk (I use coconut). Don’t use cow’s milk for your Cacao drink
  1. Using a sharp knife shave roughly 20gms of Cacao off your block and add to the liquid 
  1. As the Cacao is melting, whisk well
  1. Do not allow the milk/mixture to boil

Sit and mindfully enjoy!

Ceremonial Dose

For a deeper experience alone or in a group you may wish to increase the cacao to 42gms

Dreamer’s Dose

For your evening Cacao & some sweet dreams use 8-12gms 

  • Use a mix of plant milk & water for a lighter drink.
  • Include a sweetener such as organic honey or coconut sugar if you wish. 
  • Try a pinch of cayenne, cinnamon, clove or chili to taste.

Please keep us posted on @saoroexperience about how you like yours! 

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