She is Wild & Free

In the depths of her eyes, a universe untamed,
Where constellations of dreams softly flamed.
Her spirit, unbridled, like rivers that flow,
Through valleys and canyons where wildflowers grow.

In her laughter, echoes the songs of the earth,
A symphony of resilience and boundless worth.
She carries the secrets of ancient trees,
In the whispers of winds and the hum of the bees.

Her wildness speaks of stories untold,
Of ancestors’ courage, brave and bold.
In her dance, the rhythm of seasons collide,
Each step a testament to the untamed inside.

With every sunset, she learns to embrace,
The shadows and light, woven in grace.
For wisdom resides in the depths of her soul,
A compass navigating life’s intricate stroll.

Oh, if she could see the power she holds,
In the depths of her being, where mysteries unfold.
Her wildness, a beacon, a guide through the night,
A testament to the beauty of her fierce, wild light.

A Poem by Siân Williams
Images: Unsplash Edu Lauton / Errika Boccio

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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