David Downey

My name is David, at this moment in time, I am 42 years of age. I’m a qualified Ceremonial Cacao facilitator, practitioner and custodian. In the 3d world, qualification’s really don’t matter but, in the 2D world….the world of words on paper and/or screens they do.

So having said that before I start:

I Hold an honours degree in industrial design from the Nation College of Art and Design (NCAD).

I also hold a post graduate degree in entrepreneurship, creativity and enterprise from the School of innovation in the University College Dublin (UCD).

I have a certificate in being a ceremonial cacao facilitator, practitioner and custodian.

I hold no qualifications in cooking but I have been very passionate about cooking since I was a teenager

I hold no qualifications in being a chocolatier even though I have been a passionate chocolatier since August 2022. While qualifications mean something, PASSION IS EVERYTHING!

During Lockdown when I was not working at my usual trade as an Interior designer/architect I took up the hobby of making my own chocolate bar’s for family and friends. I felt I could really put my creativity into  what I was making. A creativity I felt was stunted by the series of world events that was happening around me at the time. It was during this time also that I took up hiking, yoga and a whole host of other good things to keep my mind and body busy…Enter Ceremonial Cacao!

I started fusing Ceremonial Cacao into the chocolate bars I was making when i realised the huge health benefits contained within it. When I began working with Ceremonial Cacao something changed. Looking back I feel it was definitely a calling. I started drinking Ceremonial Cacao every day. Replacing my morning coffee with a cup of Cacao. I soon started attending Cacao Ceremonies. These ceremonies were often mixed with Yoga, Reiki and Dance. It was during a Ceremony that I felt the call to become a Ceremonial Cacao practitioner and facilitator.

Between now and then everything has changed. I’ve started work with many other heart opening sacred medicine’s like: Rose, Hawthorn and Blue Lotus I’ve also started working with other beneficial and sacred plants like Reishi mushrooms, Cordyceps mushrooms, Ashwagandha, Acai berry and a whole host of others. I not only started fusing these elements into my chocolate bars but also my daily cacao.

Since then, I have come up with countless recipes for chocolate bars and also drinks using Ceremonial Cacao.

I have my own range of chocolate bars made with Ceremonial Cacao, medicinal mushrooms and a range of other plant derived ingredients coming onto the market in 2023 and will also be putting together a Cacao based recipe book. All of which I will be sharing with you in due course……..watch this space!!

David Downey
David Downey
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