Introducing Alex Magill

Hi, I’m Alex, PT/Fitness Trainer, Holistic Massage Therapist & Saoro Cacao distributor for Northern Ireland and the UK.

I have been on my personal healing journey now for 6 years when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in 2017 shook my world apart.  I knew life drastically had to change after years of destructive behaviours, so I embarked on my voyage of discovery to heal past traumas and old patterns that were no longer serving me anymore.

This brought me to doing a lot of deep inner work with plant medicines over the years also learning about energy and chakra healing and I have recently travelled to the mountains of Peru to deepen my connection with the medicines and myself.

I have been working a lot with Cacao personally this year by itself and in addition to Bon Yoga.  Cacao for me has been extremely important in my journey.  It has helped with grounding, heart opening and bringing up certain emotions and feelings I need to work with.  It has helped me so much to connect with my inner refuge, my physical body and learning to have more compassion and love for who I am, and I am so excited to bring this powerful medicine to others that need its beautiful magic.

Through my job I see how negatively people, especially women, view themselves and it is my passion to help facilitate healing of the sacred feminine. 

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Alex Magill
Alex Magill
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