Vision of life

The stars and the moon, the sun and the sea.

The earth and the water, the birds and the bees.

The vision of life, its ours to see. We look through one lens and we the difficulty, we look through another and we see the beauty.

The cup is half full or the cup is half empty. The vision of life , it is ours to see. So, lets start with how we perceive.

Stuck with one lens and we will struggle to see. Step back and observe and that just might be, the reason we change from which lens that we see.

elephants are quite big but so is the sea, one could also say so is that tree, or he or me. But really and truly it depends how we see.

It becomes more clear from the wider we see. But how far can we go. That, it is hard to know.

Our vision is blurred with a narrow lens. Oh this makes it hard to really, really see.

So, lets try make it easy, relax and step back. All is yours to see. Choose your lens and you just might see.

All is one and one is all. The rush and the flush can be all too much.

So, just go easy on you, me and all that is.

And one day you might see that sometimes its simple to just let it be.

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barry Adamson
barry Adamson
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