Kim McKayed

Kim McKayed is ethnically Irish Egyptian. With  roots and emotional foundations he has strong bonding with two of the worlds magical ancient cultures. He has been studying astrology for 20 years and practices a blend of psychological and natural astrology based on nature’s intelligence. 

As an adolescent spending summers in Alexandria, Kim traveled alone exploring Egypt, one day arriving at the Hathor Temple of Dendera near Luxor. Hathor is home to ancient Egypt’s zodiac constellation hieroglyphs which can still be viewed on a ceiling wall. With immense gratitude and healing Kim learned psychological astrology under Margret Gray, who in turn studied with pioneers of the 1980s and 90s such as Liz Green, co-author on That knowledge base helped catalyze his spiritual awakening to explore Solar paths through astrological birth charts. Standing in Dendera he realized the true magnitude of astrology, healing humanity through the ages. 

The ancient art of storytelling in Ireland is as old as land itself. Kim does one-to-one sessions online helping you understand the mechanics of your birth chart and locational astrology for the modern day. He does so through exploring natures intelligence and mythology. 

Kim has travelled to Peru and worked with plant medicines, in an effort to explore his work with ‘Chiron the Wounded Healer’. As the Founder of Bumblebee AIR he now leads a cross cultural team in Egypt & Ireland working on – a technology platform to enable people with interactive astrology tools.

His purpose is to help people explore their Soul Journey narratives, by interweaving  self-learning with free micro-services for the astrological community. 

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Kim McKayed
Kim McKayed
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