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Q. When & how did you get started creating this kind of work

I pretty much slipped into this world and incarnation as a singing minstrel, singing myself to sleep every night. But it wasn’t until my late 20s when a serendipitous astrology session awakened me to the realm of sound healing. From there, the universe simply swaddled me in synchronicities until surrender was the only way. Before I knew it, I was performing Sound Journeys with crystal bowls and the path kept widening and lengthening.

Q. What is your creative process- getting ideas, when do you work, tell us about your medium, process (oils, acrylic, stone, sound etc)? 

The music I make is channeled, meaning transmitted from a ‘divine’ source. In this inspired improvised expression, I have to be very present and non-egoic when I ‘perform’ music. It’s a very celestial flow-state. And I find the deeper my spiritual practices become (such as meditation, chanting, devotion) the more beautiful and powerful my artistic expression. They are deliciously bridled.

Q. Do or how do your spiritual beliefs inform your work? 

Creative life is inherently a spiritual life for it is a forging of a committed relationship with divine inspiration. Hence, the ancient Greek artists and mystics would have altars to the Muses in their homes to pay homage to this spiritual relationship. I often counsel musicians and artists to connect to the divine and it almost always enthuses their work with more of their innate soul-genius.

Q. How can people connect with you & see or buy your work?

I’m on Instagram as @darrenaustinhall. You can find all my albums of sacred music and mystical sound journeys on all streaming platforms under Darren Austin Hall. I also have a YouTube channel where I post vids of music and spiritual teachings. And my website is www.darrenaustinhall.com. My first book LOVE’S REVOLUTION is available worldwide on Amazon and is a collection of writing and poems on sacred sexuality and conscious partnership.

I believe that most of what was said of God 

was in reality said of that spirit whose body is the Earth. ∞ A.E.

Instagram: @darrenaustinhall

www.darrenaustinhall.com / Email: dhbodhi(at)gmail.com

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Darren Austin Hall
Darren Austin Hall
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