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Saoro caught up recently with John Scott (aka Scotty!), founder of CBD Central Coffee shop in Celbridge, to chat about his healing journey, shamanism and men’s work 

Saoro: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am a father, learning.

A husband, definitely a beginner

Thai boxing coach, half decent

Shamanic practitioner and sound therapist, beginner

CBD coffee and cacao shop owner, half decent

Massage therapist beginner & Reiki level 1 beginner


Saoro: CBD seems to be a really important part of your journey John, how and why did you get started?

Scotty: My journey with cbd started about 2015. My youngest son was diagnosed with non verbal autism and due to my fitness and fighting background, I was big into health products, diets and supplements etc to help recovery and well-being. I came across numerous articles about CBD and it’s health benefits – everything from sleep to pain relief and of course autism. I was wary at first about giving it to my 5 year old son due to the many misleading articles out there and also years of propaganda etc. 

In the beginning I didn’t know the difference between CBD and THC cannabis and their completely different effects, but I understood it with research. I still had to try it on myself first before giving it to him. He has made big progress with the help of the CBD and now he’s less anxious and stressed.

This helped his amazing teachers in school to get him talking and reading books now. I’m not claiming it’s all down to the CBD – I would say a lot of it is due to the teachers etc but CBD has helped him massively. Going to the shops or even parties is a lot easier now. 

Since starting CBD Central, my eyes have become more open to how this natural plant can help both young and old with everything from anxiety to pain relief and arthritis – just to name a few things. 

This is just the start of the journey and I’m sure in the future we will look back and be amazed it’s taken so long for this plant to be used – not just as alternative medicine  – but I’m 100% sure it will also be used by doctors in the future to help patients move away from pharmaceutical drugs which can cause more harm than good if used long term.

I think CBD could also be used in other settings like nursing homes to help with age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, arthritis or Parkinsons.

Saoro: What inspired you to take up the shamanic path?

Scotty: A friend of mine was booking in for the shamanic course and we chatted about it. The major thing for me was it was an Irish shamanic course which could help learn more true Irish history and not just the crap we’ve been fed in school. I’d already taken a first steps into the alternative healing world studying Reiki and sound healing. When I researched the shamanic course I said I’d give it a go. The first day I was nervous and not sure what it was all about, but my first shamanic journey was fascinating. I got so many visuals and information through the journey. And I thought there’s definitely something in this and it feels right for me. When I looked at the course, I thought there’s a lot in it and a lot to do – that kinda scared me. But I love being scared; I love being challenged – when you think this is very intense, I don’t know if I can do it. As soon as I hear that in my own head,  I know I’m going to do it!  Looking back, it’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Saoro: How has shamanism helped you on your healing journey?

Scotty: Shamanism has completely flipped my whole life – personally, emotionally and with my family. Before I did this course I think I cried twice in my life. In this last year on the course I’ve cried many times. I know now that this is allowing the emotions to just be, to go through them rather than just bury them. It’s definitely opened my eyes to what people go through, and what my own family have gone through. My son has had heart surgery and before the course I’d have thought “well now that’s over; let’s move on”, but now I see that as a major traumatic event for him with possible soul loss. Now I see how that affected him and his personality.

My daughter died when she was three, obviously I cried at the time but I felt I got over it. Again since the course I’ve looked at my soul loss around that situation, I see that it completely changed me. I realize the person I was before I lost my daughter was happier and more easy going, over the years I saw I’d become who I didn’t want to be, the man of the house who just works all the time.

Shamanism has also given me a better understanding of the suffering of others. I have much more awareness after experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions this past year. I know this will help me help others in my practice. My main aim is to help others with soul loss and hopefully help them heal.

Shamanism has tested my strengths in every aspect, I realized I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I see now that I was really just blocking stuff out.

When I was younger I always had an urge to be a hero, like I could save someone from drowning, just the feeling I really wanted to help someone. As I got older that changed to wanting to help people heal and the shamanic way is definitely how I’m going to do that. It has increased my awareness and Shamanism is definitely where I feel at home.

Saoro: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Scotty: I’m a big believer in not worrying about the future too much because that causes anxiety, but I do have a long term goal. I’d like to be working four days a week as a shamanic practitioner, sound healing and massage. Then I’d just have the rest of the week to enjoy and spend more time with my family. Hopefully I’d have a few small revenue streams built up without being a busy fool. I’d like to just be comfortable for myself and my family. But God only knows where I’ll be in two years or ten years – I’m just going with the flow.

Saoro: Any advice for men starting on a healing journey?

Scotty: Hurry up, get into it quick!! It’s the best journey you will ever go on. Though it’s hard and far from sunshine and rainbows, it’s life changing. 

Don’t think about it too much – the more you think about it, the more likely you’ll talk yourself out of it. 

On the courses I’ve been for Reiki, Sound Healing & Shamanism, I’ve been the only man. Women are more prevalent on the healing path than men because they are stronger and more powerful in a general way. I feel they’re mentally stronger than men. Men just need to step forward and do it. But we also need to get away from division in the matter of men and women, or race – this is all just stuff that’s been pushed on us. I think it’s great that there are groups for men and women but at the end of the day we carry both masculine and feminine energies inside of us so we are not different in so many ways. A lot of men have been raised by single mothers and don’t necessarily over-identify with the masculine aspect – including myself – though most people that know me from kickboxing would only see the masculine in me.

Men sometimes need healing more than women because we bottle up our feelings. But now the old stereotype of the strong man who hides his feelings is finally dying out. Men are more willing to open up now. 

Ultimately I believe the best healing is in mixed circles, it will lead to more understanding between men and women and help men connect with their feminine aspect.


Check out Scotty’s coffee shop CBD Central in Celbridge. Soctty stocks coffee, CBD, products and other health supplements. He also serves Saoro Bali Cacao.

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