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Introduction to Divination

What is the difference between tarot and oracle? Well tarot has been around since the Rider Waite tarot deck one of the original decks. It has twenty-one major cards, along with four suits, cups for emotions, wands for creativity, swords for communication and pentacles for money, finances, and abundance. While the oracle cards have less cards usually 44 cards in the deck. No two readings are ever the same.

The Practices of Tibetan Bon

At the heart of Tibetan Bon practices lies a deep reverence for the natural world and its elements. Through practices, mantras, and visualizations, practitioners cultivate a profound  connection with the earth, space, fire, wind and water recognizing them as vital forces that  shape our existence

The Burren

The Burren From a craggy outcrop mesmerised byshadows of empty cloudsscurrying to the Atlanticreflection shimmering briefly over karst landscapethey return bountifulladen down with rain thatdyes flagstones black untilsun warms to grey again Black Head Majesticpounding wavesgnawing the coastwith thunderous abandonSeagulls…