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Hello to everyone. I am Marion @divine.light.within. I was drawn to write this blog on divination as I have a love of divination in my shamanic rituals as well as sharing with others, for example in card readings using oracle and tarot cards. Divination can be described as guidance tool to gain insights and wisdom from our ancestors and spiritual guides. It is a practice used as a shamanic practitioner. Though it has been around in many forms for centuries.

When I work with a person during a reading I create space with candles, crystals, and my cards of course. I connect to my spirit guides and ancestors as well as the person in front of me. I also intuitively choose decks for the person I am reading for. I combine both tarot and oracle decks. What is the difference between tarot and oracle? Well tarot has been around since the Rider Waite tarot deck one of the original decks. It
has twenty-one major cards, along with four suits, cups for emotions, wands for creativity, swords for communication and pentacles for money, finances, and abundance. While the oracle cards have less cards usually 44 cards in the deck. No two readings are ever the same. I was drawn to this form of divination before my training as a shamanic practitioner in 2019, I think. The Rider Waite was my first tarot deck, and I was gifted an oracle deck. I then began my journey with this and enjoy connecting with a new deck.

Our ancestors used various form of divination techniques. In Ireland it was common to have someone dowsing the land checking the land with rods. This works with connecting to the leylines. This is used in land and house clearing. Divination can take other forms such as runes, leylines, crystal ball readings, scrying, pendulums and images in clouds and in fire energy at ceremonies. Each deck I work with I see can I work with the deck. Sometimes a connection is not always possible. Then with the deck I began doing spreads on myself each week and month and overtime got to know and begin to understand the deck. You’re connecting your energy and building a connection with your intuition over time. Then I began pulling a card for my close friends and to see if it resonated. Then I advertised small readings and then began doing readings in person and online for people. It is an ongoing self-development process. It is another technique and divination to receive messages and guidance for your higher self and intuition. Anyone that comes to my table for a reading or online receives an unique reading and a beautiful experience on their spiritual path, soul guidance, on business related matters, relationships, finances, friendships, career, etc. Everything is fully
confidential. I give guidance from the cards, messages from spirit I will pass on, and life experience practical guidance. Above all else you have free will with the information given in the reading. All readings are carried out with intention for the individual highest good. I often describe my readings as healing in a reading. Also the reading doesn’t end at the table as things can come up or arise for each person and the support is there afterwards for example a healing session either distant or in person may be required or you may need to seek a professional counsellor or support services within the community outside of this.

Should you wish to connect me with me I can be found on Instagram @divine.light.within and Facebook at Divine Light Within.

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