Meet the Artist: Derek Birney

I started like a lot of people during the first lockdown. I had finished tidying my garden and when I started in the shed I found a couple of moulds I'd bought years ago and out of boredom I thought I'd do a few castings for fun.

The Barley Moon

Hello, I am Laura, known as The Barley Moon, a spiritual artist, illustrator and tarot reader. I have always been artistic, art is my way to calm my thoughts and something I enjoy losing myself in. It’s something that comes naturally to me but I never used to celebrate that when I was younger.

Dionne Luby

I started my journey with cacao in 2020. My journey brought me to Galway by packing up and just leaving. Galway is medicine to me and it's where I would go to escape for breaks until I knew I had to be there in order to survive.