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Hello again everyone. I’ve recently taken up two activities which have inspired this particular Ceremonial cacao recipe. The first one being: I’ve started foraging and the second one being: I’ve started back going to the gym….Ouch! As ever I have taken what’s going on in my day-to-day life and asked how can ceremonial cacao can be of benefit?

Nettles are in season at the moment and are in abundance. They are of huge medicinal benefit but the main one I am concentrating on here is the anti-inflammatory properties. If going foraging for nettles be sure to take from a place that is far away from the roadside as possible and also just take the top of the stalk with no flowering leaves. Also be sure to wear gloves. When home simply place the nettle leaves out to dry for 24 hours turning halfway through. When dry give a small handful of leaves a quick rinse and place in clean water to soak. Then simply just drink the water or ….if you like add it to your ceremonial cacao.

Ingredients from left to right:

  • Cordyceps mushrooms – anti-inflammatory and cognitive function
  • Reishi mushrooms – natural antihistamine
  • Honey – immune system boosting and antioxidant
  • Nettle water – anti-inflammatory
  • Pink sea salt – raspatory system
  • Turmeric – contains bioactive compounds with medicinal properties, antioxidant, joint relief
  • Cayenne pepper – joint pain and clears congestion
  • Paprika -antioxidant and improved immune system
  • Ginger – antioxidant, inflammatory and bone health
  • Cinnamon – antioxidant, cognitive health improved and circulatory system
  • Cardamom pods – antioxidant and lowers blood pressure
  • Black pepper – activates Turmeric, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Coconut milk – gluten-free nut milk

On Chopping Board…


Gently heat 100 mg of nettle water in a pan. Chop and add required amount of ceremonial cacao. Gently whisk until dissolved. Add required amount of honey, ¼ teaspoon of cordyceps and reishi powders. Add a pinch each of turmeric, cayenne pepper, paprika, sea salt and required amount of cinnamon. Add a twist or two of the black pepper milk. Gently stir to mix. Using a pestle and mortar break up the 4 to 5 Cardamom pods and add to Cacao mixture to infuse (Alternatively use Cardamom powder and add ¼ of a tea spoon) Add required amount of coconut milk and gently bring the temperature back up. Strain Cacao if using cardamom pods before whisking or frothing and serve. Take a moment for your taste buds and joints to enjoy.


The more local honey is to you the higher the health beneficial qualities will be. Also the honey will have higher natural antihistamine properties contained within. Do a quick online search (typing in your area) or ask in your local health food store about local honey. 


With the benefits of it being summer time and also getting more exercise come the pitfalls of pollen count/hay fever and tiredness of the body and mind. The humid weather we have been having lately also a contributing factor to muscle and joint pain.

With all these factors in mind I wished make a remedy to be added to my ceremonial cacao that helped alleviate my aforementioned symptoms that also of course tasted delicious. Also bear in mind this recipe taste just as good cold which is good to bear in mind if it’s a very warm day.

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Thank you will eternal love grace and gratitude David.

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