Niamh Ryan

Cacao & Me

I have been working with cacao for the last 3.5 years. Cacao was one of the first steps I took on my spiritual journey. Mama cacao has helped me through some of the darkest nights of the soul I have been through since I started consciously working on my own nervous system, trauma etc.

For me, cacao has been the nourishing  and nurturing mother that my inner child and maiden has needed. It has helped me connected deeper to my own body, my womb space, sensually and sexually. I have felt acceptance come from deep within for exactly what needed to be released, not judged and loved unconditionally.

I work with cacao in all of my ceremonies, with my group and 1 to 1 clients. The power this medicine can hold is PROFOUND and I know my relationship with it will only become deeper. I can only bring you to the depths that I have gone before.

Cacao & Me is a series where we’ve asked people to tell us about their relationship with cacao, how they work with it, what impact it’s had on their lives & so on.
If you’d like to share your journey with Cacao please get in touch at or though Instagram @saoroexperience

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Niamh Ryan
Niamh Ryan
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