Mapacho’s Embrace

In the realm of sacred plants, one stands mighty tall,
Mapacho, with its wisdom, it promises to enthral.
With smoke that curls and dances in the air,
It beckons seekers, souls with hearts laid bare.

Sit with me, dear friend, by the fire’s glow,
Where mapacho’s essence begins to truly flow.
In tendrils of smoke, secrets are unveiled,
As our spirits awaken, fears are assuaged.

With each gentle puff, worries start to fade,
Mapacho’s embrace, a soothing serenade.
Its touch, a balm for this weary soul,
Igniting love’s fire, making all whole.

The leaves, they whisper tales of ancient lore,
Guiding us on journeys, deep into our core.
Through visions and dreams, the truth we find,
Mapacho’s magic, a gift so kind.

It opens doors to realms unseen and unknown,
Where spirits dance and new wisdom is sown.
Weaving a tapestry of healing and grace,
Mapacho’s embrace, in this a sacred space.

So, sit with me, dear friend, let’s share this bond,
With mapacho’s wisdom, let’s correspond.
For in its presence, love and peace arise,
A testament to nature’s gentle guise.

Mapacho, dear plant, we honour and adore,
Your gifts of insight, forever we explore.
In your smoke’s embrace, we find solace and might,
Guided by your love, forever we take flight.

A Poem by Sian Williams

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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