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The Earthen landscape couples with sky. Where the fair element of Air becomes one to pair la madre y el padre. Preceding both in the realm of Fire, a philosophical esoteric soulset is in duality with the mindset of Air. Which itself brings a wind of change as intellectualism of spirituality from the aethereal comes with universal mind into the collected minds on Earth, and of Mother Earth herself. Through the air birds fly in rhythm supported by quantum consciousness, as the element of Air carries the essence of patterns and of thought. Ones that flow from the collective consciousness of the mental plane of energy into our planet channelled by Mercury from the spiritual centure of our solar system the Sun. Thought forms flow and manifest onto this plane of existence everywhere, alive especially in the mushrooms, plants and mountains, that reach up back to the stars from where they first came. Here in our special place and home planet, the patrix of Air in mind meets the heart of the matrix as a living breathing thinking Pachamama.

The Air element is one of four universal principals that make up the physical world. Air is mobility that makes precious alchemy of planets and their respective metals. It binds alchemical transitions in the alambic as its energy is a channel of force for vaper to climb towards the heavens. Air stirs supernatural intelligence, woven into the fabric of Mother Earth’s precious life forms. It is the energy that merges with Earth and Fire to ride lightning electrifying revitalising life.  

The art of astrology is in ways a science for our minds to comprehend and ours soul to speak. Held in space of Air we correlate celestial cycles of planets and their positions. Matching inner emotions and outer events taking place in Earth and Earthling experiences. ‘As above, so below’ is the ancient axiom attributed to the Egyptian sage Thoth who brought forth the Emerald tablets. Cryptic Hermetic text communicating the All as Mind. The Eye of Thoth and the Eye of Horus, together open your 3rd eye chakra to enable you to real-eyes your sacred solar path that aligns you with your soul journey narrative. 

In Greek mythology, before the Earth was fully formed she was known as Gaia, the first deity from which all others came. She was born of Chaos, existing alone and lonely, Gaia coupled with the sky god named Uranus whose dimensions of energy remain wild, rebellious with the ultimate freedom to unleash challenging change through chaos itself. The way of Air is swift and strong, yet subtle as the subconscious electricity firing neurons, channelling energy from the mind. Communicating where body movement and earthen omens orchecstrate circumstance. What is drawn in your astrology birth chart is a symbol or picture that reveals any human beings purpose, as reflection of the solar system and universe in you as One. Look to your placement of natal Mercury to understand where your channel of communication and knowledge to all things of life, relates to a specific field of experience in your life. This can give you an opportunity to be voiced and to be heard, to be understood and someone learned. 

When you are be-earthed unto this planet from your Mothers womb, and your lungs draw in your first ever breath of Air we meet the old Sky god instantaneously. The birth cannal that brought you from the magical Waters of your mothers womb, now delivers you to a new channel that sustains your lifeforce, among the chaos. Air immediately connects you to the universal mind. Radiating the culmination of your solar systems’ vibrational frequencies at the moment of your birth. Your birth breath are dimensions of energy in mobility of air, inbound from the celestial bodies shining into Mother Earth, from your local neighborhood in the universe. 

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Kim McKayed
Kim McKayed
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