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Meet Patrick

Patrick of ‘BreatheTrustFlow’ is an experienced and passionate Wim Hof Breathwork Facilitator who is well known in the Irish spiritual community for holding meaningful Moon Gatherings on Portmarnock Beach once a month.

Patrick is well versed in Plant medicine holding safe spaces in Rapé, Sananga, Cacao, Mapacho & more. He brings the element of breath into every gathering to compliment the healing benefits of the plants.

Founder of Moonstock The Festival, in October 2023 under the Hunter Moon, Patrick held an immersive experience to men, women & children where he collaborated with Irelands most knowledgeable when it comes to the land & spiritual modalities, There was taster sessions of Movement, Plant ceremonies, Wellness talks and much more.

Patrick also hosts retreats such as Anam Tuatha with Lorraine Hogan where you are invited to lean into the depths on yourself and expand your journey as a group in the beautiful grounds of Cavan.

Patrick is also the co-founder of ‘Men Rising Together’. A brotherhood facilitated by Patrick & David Farrell where they hold hikes and circles using meditation, breathwork, group excercises and more to empower men on their healing journeys

A bit about Men Rising Together

Men we are more powerful than we’re ever thought, told or shown. The more we discover our powerful self through self-knowledge, self-love and awareness the more we can embrace that true happiness and life that we deserve, see below for the plan of action we have in store for Men Rising Together

Patricks events regularly feature on Saoro’s event directory.

Contact Patrick Joseph



Phone/WhatsApp: 087-6271718

Instagram: @breathtrustflow