Scanning the Dream Time

Searching the vast expanse of dreams. 
To capture the ornaments of the universes visited. 
Not looking for we see, not searching for we find.
Images reveal territories and we dance in the rain.
Cure yourself
Cure yourself.
With the light of the sun and the blessings of the moon.
Immerse yourself in the roar of the waterfall, cleansing, reshaping.
Remake yourself in the oceanic waves of Being.
Hear, simply hear the music of the spheres.
Sweeten yourself with Lavender and laughter. 
Soothe with mint, with chamomile. 
Hug yourself with Cacao and a touch of cinnamon.
Love, whatever appears before your eyes. 
Discern not right from wrong, good from bad, ugly from beautiful. 
Be brave and walk barefoot on the Mother earth with graciousness, with humility.
Say thank you for the abundance that crosses your path in the form of elements.

A poem by Mary Sky

Image Credits: Unsplash – Olivia Bauso / Michael Podger

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Mary Sky
Mary Sky
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