I Once Was a Child

I once was a child where the world seemed so small
When all that surrounds me was big and so tall
When darkness and light well they fought in the night
Till morning would come and the world would turn bright.

I once was a child with nowhere to hide
Facing the world, not looking to fight
The battle began when all had seemed lost
I had to step up, but what would it cost

Looking for answers to questions unknown
Not thinking about the seeds I have sown
Till many years later it all came to light
I put down my sword and I gave up the fight

I asked myself questions about who I am
The answers I found well they weren’t worth a damn
I continued to ask until one patient night
The answer came flooding so clear and so bright

I knew all along, I just had to listen
And open my heart to the truth that was given
In stillness with trust and with pure honesty
I am found, I am free, I am not lost to me

A Poem by Aoife Hogarty

Image Credits: Unsplash – Karl Friedrickson / Jeremiah Lawrence

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Aoife Hogarty
Aoife Hogarty
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