Tracey Fitzmaurice

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For a lot of years I was having spiritual awareness/ awakening but tried to ignore it …. but it was getting stronger and more frequent then just Before covid . I hit my rock bottom i was spiralling out of control, in the space of 3 months my friend died , my mam died and some longterm friendships/relationships broke down ….. it was all to much. so i started my healing journey …..through shamanic healing and trauma release …it changed my life …. from there on i trained in shamanic healing….and kundalini activation…….cacao facilitating….deep meditation for higher awareness….. this work makes me so happy , It changed my life ✨️🙏and if i can help change one person’s life for the better then my job is done 🤍🙏✨️

Grá Mor,



Shamanic Energy healing

kundalini activation

deep meditation for higher awareness

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Phone/WhatsApp: 0863584639

Instagram: Leigheas Grá