The Road to Self-Discovery

I see the light breaking through the crack inside this wall,
And in this moment of cacao clarity, illusion begins to fall,
For what I thought I never knew,
Can be learned each day as I start with breath that is new.

In the silence of this morning, whispers echo soft and true,
Revealing depths within myself, once hidden from my view.
A journey inward, seeking paths untrod,
To unearth the secrets of this soul, beneath the mask’s facade.

In the garden of introspection, seeds of wisdom sow,
Watered by tears of release, emotions ebb and flow.
Through the labyrinth of fears, I wander brave and free,
Embracing all that I am, unearthing my identity.

No longer chained by doubts that held my spirit low,
I rise like dawn’s first light, with newfound strength to show.
Each day a new canvas, for colours yet to blend,
I paint my story boldly, a tale that has no end.

For self-discovery is not a race, but a gentle dance,
Navigating twists and turns, with courage and with chance.
In the stillness of this moment, I embrace the truth I find,
A journey of a lifetime, the awakening of my mind.

A Poem by Siân Williams

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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