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Saoro recently caught up with Natalie Connolly, who told us about how she started to write…

The decision to start writing, despite facing challenges like dyslexia and a lack of formal education, came as a transformative moment in my life. Having been a social care worker for 20 years, I decided to embark on a new hobby as a yoga instructor.

This change led me to the practice of journaling, which I initially resisted due to insecurities about spelling and expressing myself. The fear of judgment, especially the worry of being caught out on a bad spelling or experiencing embarrassment due to my stutter, loomed large.

However, a shift in mindset occurred when I reminded myself that the only person reading my journal was me. This realization became a catalyst for embracing the process of writing. I started slowly, using journaling prompts to guide my thoughts. Over time, I discovered that the act of writing was not about perfection but about self-expression and personal growth.

The key lesson I learned was to let go of the fear of judgment, especially my own. I began to appreciate the power of writing as a tool for self-discovery and empowerment. The message I want to share is simple yet profound: let go of the fear of others’ judgment, and most importantly, release the shackles of self-doubt. Allow yourself to write, regardless of what it looks like, because in that act of expression, you hold the power to discover, heal, and grow. It’s a liberating journey that anyone can embark upon, transcending limitations and embracing the strength within.

Natalie has shared some of her poems with us below:


I am sorry for my emotions
Coming out in ways I can’t control
For they are all caught up in my head
With thoughts I barely know

I don’t mean for them to hurt you
And that I hope you know sometimes
I can’t control my thoughts, they
Come out in a flow

I’m getting to know my demons
And many are on show
Please allow me the Space sometimes
So I can fully
Let them go

Photo Credit – JM Lova

Photo Credit: Alex Hiller


When you are feeling low
Don’t exhausted yourself
Take it slow

Feel your feelings as they arrive
You will see
It help you to thrive

Let go of exceptions
Of the day
Know tomorrow
Is a fresh new start
To begin again


Breathe in deep
Let out a sigh
Breathe in deeper feel your
Body rise, don’t be surprised
If you have to wipe your eyes

Breathe in slow
Let all the pain go

Breathe into the chest
Let go of feeling less

Breathe into the belly
I’m not sinking
I’m over thinking

Breathe breathe breathe
It out
Let go of all self doubt

Photo Credit: Aman Shrestha


Cut off from my feelings
Cut off from my soul
Where am I to find it
Where am I to go
All this searching and asking
Refusing to really explore
But then I finally realise
I don’t need to search anymore
For it’s the self that we truly always ignore

Photo Credit: Rosario Janza

Photo Credit: Motoki Tonn


Get out of your head
Into your body

Feel the motions
Not the notions

Let it all go
Don’t stop it
Let if flow

Feel your muscles in your chest
Let your head have a rest
Feel your belly rise, give yourself
A chance to feel alive

Breathe it out enjoy the flow
Stop holding yourself back
You’re good enough, don’t you

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Natalie Connolly
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