Loneliness at Christmas

Amidst the lights, the cheer, and merry songs,
There lingers a quiet, where solitude belongs.
Christmas, a time of joy, love, and glee,
Yet loneliness whispers, a subtle decree.

In the heart of this season, a poignant hue,
Loneliness dances amidst the festive view.
An empty chair, a void in the air,
Echoes of laughter, moments so rare.

But in this stillness, a lesson does dwell,
Loneliness teaches, in its gentle spell.
A chance for reflection, a moment to see,
The strength within, the resilient ‘me.’

Loneliness at Christmas, it need not weigh,
It’s a path to introspect, to find our own way.
Kindness for self, amidst the festive flow,
A moment to cherish, to heal and to grow.

So, within the solitude, let the heart ignite,
With self-compassion, a guiding light.
In the quiet moments, amid the glittering glow,
Find solace and warmth, let self-love grow.

For loneliness at Christmas, it’s a chapter, a part,
Not the entire tale, nor the beating heart.
It whispers hope, of connection to find,
As stars above in the wintry sky are aligned.

May this season, in its tender embrace,
Cradle the lonely with love and grace.
For amidst the tinsel, the carols that ring,
Lies the promise of joy, connection’s sweet wing.

Photo credit – Lionello Delpiccolo

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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