Embracing Shame: Reclaiming Power

In shadows deep, where secrets dwell,
A woman’s heart, a hidden spell,
Made to feel shame for who she is,
Or who she loves, or what she deems bliss.

A world that whispers, judges, and condemns,
As if her choices, her truth, offends.
But in the heart of darkness, a glimmer of light,
A workshop beckons, in the depths of night.

A sacred space where tears may flow,
Where wounds are shared, and hearts may grow,
For here, in unity, women stand,
To hold each other’s trembling hand.

In this workshop of embracing shame,
They find their voice, no longer tame,
For shame’s a cloak that once concealed,
Now a shield, a power, a force revealed.

With courage, they step into the light,
Breaking the chains that bound them tight,
For in their shame, they find their strength,
And rise above the world’s cruel length.

They celebrate the scars they bear,
Each story told, each burden shared,
With tears and laughter, they reclaim,
The power of their unapologetic name.

No longer silenced, no longer small,
They stand as women, proud and tall,
In unity, they find their grace,
And shame transforms into a sacred place.

For in the workshop’s healing art,
They mend the fragments of their heart,
And rise, like phoenix, from the flame,
No longer bound by society’s blame.

So let the world cast judgment’s stone,
In this workshop, they’ve found their own,
Their voices strong, their hearts now free,
Embracing shame, they’ve found their decree.

Photo credit Matthew Henry Upslash

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Siân Williams
Siân Williams
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