Woodland Womb Blessing

With Janey of Sage & Seer

Kilglass Woodlands & House, Longford

July 4th, 7-9pm

Dear Sisters

  • 🌹Are you searching for help with your menstrual cycle & hormonal hell?
  • 🌹Do you need compassion & support on your fertility journey?
  • 🌹Have you found it difficult to cope with the transition into menopause?

This Womb Blessing is created for you!

  • 🌹If you are looking for a safe space to land and connect with other Sisters where you can be heard, witnessed and healed.
  • 🌹If you are tired of trying to find answers to your womb health in a broken system and feeling like you have no real support.
  • 🌹You have been craving community, sisterhood, womb wisdom and healing?


⚜I have crafted this Womb Blessing with you in my heart! It has been magically prepared to help Sisters heal from an intentionally conscious space so you can connect back to the Sovereignty within our WOMBS!


⚜It is time to reclaim this wisdom and sit together in circle to alchemise the disconnection and reawaken our knowledge & power!

🎪This Sacred Sister Circle is in the Woodlands within the luscious Bell Temple Tent surrounded by nature to ground our bones!

🌙We will utilise the energy of the new Moon to craft purposeful intentions.
🍫We will sip Cacao as a vehicle to open our wombs heart so we may receive her wisdom through a guided meditation.
⭕We will alchemise all with a circle share that will truly help process and release what no longer serves us and our wombs!

🙌🏼I will hold the Sacred Circle and help to transport us back to the wisdom within the heart of our wombs utilising Cacao as a medicine to gently open this portal.

🌙We will release what no longer serves us and our Divine selves with a beautifully crafted guided meditation that will allow us to receive insights & knowledge from our Womb space & our bodies own innate wisdom & knowing.

🌹It is a joy to offer this and if you feel the call check my 🔗 above.

With love & blessings