Alltar holistic centre, Linenhall street, Castlebar, Co Mayo

Saturday & Sunday, 29th & 30th July

Back by popular demand. 

WHITETHORN MEDICINE CEREMONY TRAINING. A TWO DAY CERTIFIED WORKSHOP. The Irish School of Shamanic Studies proudly presents a whitethorn tea /medicine ceremonial training brought to you in a two day workshop at the Alltar holistic centre, Linenhall street, Castlebar, Co Mayo on Saturday & Sunday, 29th & 30th July. This workshop is based on training participants to become whitethorn tea /medicine ceremony Facilitators. It will be based on the methods of using whitethorn tea as an indeginous method of tree medicine healing.

This two day workshop will  teach methods from ethically harvesting the leaves, flowers and haws from the tree, to preparing the medicine, serving the medicine, communicating with the tree, permission, honouring and making offerings to the tree. The training includes performing whitethorn tea fire ceremonies and indoor ceremonies. In this workshop there will be methods shared of how to Shamanic journey in to our hearts to help heal the heart space in conjunction with the whitethorn medicine and mehods on giving thanks to the tree through the Shamanic journey methods.

The workshop involves both indoor and outdoor work aimed at practitioners, holistic therapists who would like to bring it in to their healing practice and also for individuals who would like to bring it in to their daily personal lives for healing. One of the sacred Ogham trees of Ireland, Hawthorn/Whitethorn or huath in Irish, represents the healing and expansion of the heart. It also represents the feminine, fertility, protection and abundance. Hawthorn / whitethorn, is easily identifiable during the time of her creamy blossoms, brightening hedgerows, stone walls, fields and sacred sites. Our ancient traditions here in Ireland tells us that the medicine we need grows right at our back door and Whitethorn, with her powerful presence, is a testament to that and contrary to the more modern dismissive religious lore associated with this tree. The picking of the leaves and flowers is done through sacred ritual, permission and gentleness.

The whitethorn is a fairy tree and very much works along side the fairy folk / Sidhe. Her leaves and flowers, her thorns, stems and haws, all provide healing to the body and the spirit. Whitethorn / Hawthorn is a member of the rose family and offers generously to nourish and protect the heart. She strengthens the heart tissue, eases angina and palpitations due to anxiety or hormonal response. Whitethorn warms the heart and softens anger and anxiety and helps individuals that are grieving. The ceremony consists of drinking the tea produced from the flowers, leaves, thorns and stems with an associated meditation / Journey. On the Saturday we will work indoors learning all about the tree and brewing process, consuming the medicine in an indoor ritual (manual provided) On the Sunday of the workshop we will travel to Moher Oakwood, Westport, Co Mayo where we will take part in a whitethorn tea fire ceremony brewing and consuming the medicine on site and learning the associated rituals. There will be drumming, Shamanic journeying, song and laughter.

This ceremony takes place at the ancient Moher Oakwood, Westport, Co Mayo. Please Call 086 3750 250 to book your place. Limited space available. Cost €200 for the two days which includes food. €100 deposit required on booking. Certified training through IPHM (International practitioners of holistic medicine) Facilitated by Shamanic practitioner and teacher Aldo Jordan  🙂 ❤