Sound Baths with Emma West

Sound bath healing with Emma West

OffGrid, Bray, Dublin

2nd August, 7pm-8.15pm

What is a Sound Bath?

A full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative effects of the mind and body, usually  in a group setting.

Typically the participants are lying down on a yoga mat while the practitioner uses various sounds and instruments to promote relaxation.

What to bring to a sound bath?

Comfort is key . . . We advise you to bring whatever you need to for you to be warm, cosy & snug, here are some suggestions:

  • Comfy clothes, bring layers
  • Yoga Mat
  • Warm Blanket
  • Pillow/Eye Mask
  • Water

Please wear whatever you need to keep warm and cosy, your body temp will drop once you relax and settle into the session. Layers, fluffy socks etc

Please note, this is not suitable for:

  • 1st trimester of pregnancy
  • Those who use pacemakers
  • Sound induced epilepsy 

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Exchange: €30