Shamanic Journeying Training

With Mel Murphy

Holly Cottage, Cork

July 14th, 10-5pm

Learn how to access non ordinary reality through the process of Shamanic Journeying.In non ordinary reality ( journey state ) you can access advisors, meet new tutelage , access healing , wisdom & insight , through your own divination, within a shamanic journey .Journeys will be spirit led., meaning guided by Spirit channeled through Mel Murphy Trance Medium
& Shaman/seer whilst Mel is in a trance state , offering the best opportunity for you to explore realms of non ordinary reality , and the three worlds in shamanism.
In addition to learning & experiencing shamanic journeys , You will experience creating sacred space , calling in the four directions , creating boundaries within journey state , you may discover power animals , plant and spirit allies , and receive vibration recalibration and much more ! This will provide lots of opportunity for self healing & direct revelation.There will be time allocated to journaling & to questions & relevant discussion .
No experience needed, suitable for beginners and experienced people.No drum needed .
Everyone welcome

€111 10-5 pm includes Free Parking , herbal teas , coffees & treats , lunch is not included.
Limited to 15 participants , early booking required €51 deposit , non refundable non transferable.

Please WhatsApp for booking 0868032138