Psychic Medium & Trance Healing Mentorship

With Mel Murphy starting August 31st

Holly Cottage, Co.Cork

August 31st & Sept 1

This unique Training program has been brought to you through a co creation with Mel and her Spirit Guide Alexander,to enable you to develop your psychic , mediumistic and spiritual trance healing potential, under the tutelage of Mel Murphy .Each module will have a training manual, and a certificate will be presented on the completion of all training days only.The Beginners Training program will comprise of the following topics  throughout the course of four months,(may be subject to change)

  • Evidential Mediumship development
  • Understanding the Soul and its mission.
  • Understanding the evidence spirit gives us,and development of your evidential mediumship skills. Bringing love and healing through your mediumship.
  • Meeting your Spirit Guide.
  • Accessing the Healing intelligence and attuning to The healing intelligence for spiritual Trance Healing Unfoldment.
  • Attuning to Spirit and understanding the world of Spirit.
  • The realm of Angels, channelled journey to meet your Guardian Angel
  • Psychic Art
  • Acessing Spirit in nature.
  • Floramancy & Flowersentience.
  • Psychometry training.
  • Physical mediumship / and Spirit communication.
  • Pet psychic.
  • Remote viewing/psychic detective.  


****More topics may be added or topics altered in accordance with the guidance received from Spirit , throughout the training .

Please WhatsApp for booking 0868032138

Investment: €777 | Non- refundable Deposit: €277