Irish Paganism:

A Living Tradition

with Lara O’Brien


Sunday 28th July @ 9pm

Have you ever felt a deep, inexplicable connection to the land and traditions of Ireland? Perhaps you’ve always been fascinated by the mystical elements of Irish heritage but feel lost in a sea of tourist targetted information, unsure where to start.

As you explore alternative spirituality, you’re drawn to the authenticity and depth of Pagan practices… but don’t know how to integrate these ancient traditions into your modern life.

Without a clear path, this longing can become frustrating. The rich tapestry of Irish spirituality, with its gods, goddesses, sacred sites, and seasonal cycles, can feel overwhelming.

You may worry that without proper guidance, you’ll never truly understand or connect with these profound traditions. This disconnect can leave you feeling incomplete, as if a vital part of your spiritual journey remains just out of reach.

This online course is designed to bridge that gap.

Created by native Irish author and educator Lora O’Brien, this course offers an accessible yet comprehensive guide to Irish Pagan beliefs and practices.

Through a structured curriculum, you’ll learn about the foundations of Irish Paganism, the significance of sacred places and seasonal cycles, and how to develop your own rituals and practices.

‘Irish Paganism: A Living Tradition’ provides the tools and knowledge you need to deeply connect with your spiritual heritage.

What Will You Learn?

  1. Foundations of Irish Paganism
    • Definitions and core concepts of Paganism
    • Understanding polytheism and pantheism in Irish tradition
  2. Sacred Places and Festivals
    • Key sacred sites in Ireland
    • Overview of the Fire Festivals: Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lúnasa
  3. Rituals and Practices
    • Types of rituals: cleansing, consecration, magic, and healing
    • How to develop and maintain personal rituals
  4. Deities and Ancestry
    • Key Irish Gods and Goddesses
    • Honouring your ancestors through rituals and research
  5. Practical Application
    • Steps to start your practice
    • Recommended resources for further study and community engagement

The live class and recorded course materials are broken up into these sections, for accessibility and ease of use.

Full transcripts and subtitles are available on all recorded materials, for accessibility and ease of processing.

This Teaching is suitable for beginners, as well as those with more experience in this area, or in other traditions. You do not have to be dedicated to or working with any Irish Gods, Guides, or Guardians to take this class.

Your Course access enrollment includes access to:

  • — Class Presentation Slides
  • — Class Videos
  • — Class Audios
  • — Exercises to complete in your own time
  • — Interactive Q&A Session with the Teacher (recorded during live class).

You will get the unique perspective of a native Irish Draoí, a user of magic who specialises in research and teaching on Irish historical traditions and folklore, while incorporating all of that into a vibrant contemporary Pagan practice within the living magical and spiritual traditions of Ireland.

This is a completely self-paced online course.

When you are enrolled, join in live if possible, and get the recorded files after for repeated or further study and reference. You decide when you start and when you finish.

The date of this live class is – Sunday 28th July 2024, 9pm Irish Time.

  • If you can’t attend the live class, your enrollment now entitles you to access the recorded class files (available by the following Tuesday) at the best value price.

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You have a 100% money back Guarantee, for a full 30 days, so you can go ahead and enroll with full confidence.

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