Harmony in Bloom: Mandala Crafting and Mindful Meditation

with Yana of mindfulnessthroughcraft

Glendalough Sanctuary Brockagh Glendalough, Wicklow A98 VK68

Saturday 10 August 2024, 10:30  13:30

Join us for a transformative workshop that weaves together the ancient practice of mandala creation with the principles of mindfulness. This immersive experience begins with an introduction to the traditional use and symbolism of mandalas, exploring their role in rituals and as a remedy for the soul. We will delve into themes of nature connection, impermanence, and transience, embracing the profound lessons they offer. Participants will engage in a guided meditation to center and prepare for the creation of fresh flower mandalas, designed to promote healing and transformation. As a symbolic gesture of letting go, we will sweep away our mandalas at the end, honoring the beauty of impermanence. The workshop concludes with a closing prayer, leaving you with a sense of peace and renewal. Whether you are new to mindfulness or seeking to deepen your practice, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, your inner self, and the ephemeral beauty of the present moment.

Mindfulness through craft offers a gentle yet profound way to cultivate presence, peace, and spiritual connection especially for those who find silent meditation challenging. Engaging in creative activities provides a tangible and immersive way to anchor our attention in the present moment, as we focus on the task at hand. 

 Incorporating prayer and intention into our activity adds a layer of spiritual depth and meaning to the experience. As we offer silent prayers or reflections, the creative process will unfold as a form of sacred expression. By combining mindfulness, craft, prayer, and intention, you can deepen your spiritual practice and foster a sense of reverence for the interconnectedness of all things.

 No experience required, in this workshop we follow the flow and anything goes.

*Please note this activity is done on the ground.

Time: 10:30am – 13:30 pm

Cost: €40

Max: 12 people

Please contact Yana directly here to book your place.
Your well-being and journey are important to us, and we’re committed to ensuring that our workshops are accessible to all. If you are unable to attend due to financial constraints, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.