Embracing The Shadow

With Dar Stewy


Starting 8th July

I’m very excited to launch this live course on a topic I’ve been exploring and researching deeply over the last 5 years through 4 ISTA trainings, personal therapy, and academic research! I’d love to see you there 🦁

🌟 Embrace Your Shadow: Discover the Hidden Gold Within 🌟

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing? 🌿

✨ My new course, “Embracing the Shadow: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Wholeness,” is here to guide you through the transformative process of shadow work.

🔮 What You’ll Learn: ✨ Unveil the hidden parts of yourself through journaling, meditation, and dream analysis.
🌈 Heal shame and explore the power of your sexuality.
🪄 Integrate shamanic practices for deep personal transformation.
💛 Discover the “gold” in your shadow and turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths.

📚 Course Highlights:

Weekly Live Sessions with expert guidance from everything Darragh has learned and researched

Weekly guided Meditations and Shamanic Rituals
Full resources pack

Daily journaling prompts to explore your shadow
Supportive Community group

Join us for a one of a kind course!

8th July – Module 1: Unveiling the Shadow Understanding the concepts of the shadow and how they relate to your life, relationships and personal growth. We will explore techniques to explore the shadows and the intersection of Shamanism and the shadow

15th July – Module 2: Shadow Work and Healing. Exploring the parts of us that we repress – Shame, sexuality, anger etc. We will explore how to heal and integrate the lost and forgotten parts of ourselves.

22nd July – Finding the gold. This workshop will culminate in transforming your shadow and reclaiming your power and life’s passions. We will build better emotional intelligence and relationships because of this while creating a new narrative for our lives.

Don’t miss out on this one of a kind Live course with Darragh 🐺

Dm me for the link to join 🙏🏼

Replays available for 1 month so you can watch back, study and enjoy the content at your own pace.