Anam Tuatha

Near Cootehill , County Cavan

21st – 22nd September

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with us at Anam Tuatha ( Soul Tribe) 2024; Join us 21st – 22nd September for a transformative 1-day, 1-night retreat set in our new location, a very special offgrid location of Co Cavan;

Dive deep into the heart of holistic healing, as we blend the potent energies of plant medicines and holistic practices into a journey of rejuvenation and self-reflection; our Anam Tuatha journey awaits you, where we’ll embrace the sacred circle, connect deeply with the land, and find freedom in a space free of distractions as this is a no phone policy with no outside interference;

We invite you to immerse yourself fully with Cacao ceremonies, the grounding essence of Rapé, surrender to the cleansing power of Sananga, journey inward with our own unique powerful Breathwork & Yoga practices, sacred fire ceremony and cold water exposure; we embody and savor the nourishment of organic, wholesome foods, rest in a unique space crafted to awaken your inner-child, inner-knowing, inner space & explore some restful downtime of self enquiry;

In this revered space, we will honor our spirit with Sage, Polo santo, aqua de florida and Mapacho, igniting transformation through the Fire, and connect with the primal rhythm of Shamanic Drumming; this is more than a retreat; it’s a gateway to growth, knowledge, and a vibrant community; let Anam Tuatha be the soil for your intentions to flourish, leaving you renewed and whole on an unprecedented level; we’ve nurtured this space for 4 years, and like you, we continue to evolve;

Ready to join us?

Energy Exchange/ Donation of €296 all inclusive;
or Donate a deposit of €125 and provide the remaining amount one week before arrival;

What’s included from Saturday to Sunday
All-inclusive, what your journey includes, together we will embrace the open sacred space supported by the beautiful Anam Tuatha totem, where you can unfold and open up to your hearths calling;
*Sacred Circle
*Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony
*Mapacho cleans
*Sacred Nawe Rapé
*Fire ceremony
*Shamanic Drumming
*Nature walk and Swim
*Organic vegan food
*Closing circle & Integration

We cannot wait to see you in your power;
Grá Mór;
Patrick-joseph & Lorraine.