Lynda Phelan

Lynda Phelan

Meet Lynda Phelan

Meet Lynda Phelan Lynda works with The Irish School of Shamanic Studies as a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher. Aside from her day job, she is here on Earth to serve the Great Mother Goddess as her Priestess and to help…


Sliabh na Calliagh, Loughcrew

Imbolg And at long last the darkness of winter draws to a close little by little, shedding light on a whole new scene… The Chailleach; old woman of winter; goddess of the death phase; old crone; old hag, the time…

An Chailleach

An Chailleach On these dark daysand endless nightsI turn awayMy many facesFrom your gazeA thousand nameshave not yet capturedMy meaning, and stillI turn anew, phaseAnother faceTowards your unseeing eyesOnly to be unseen once moreTurning darkness into lightAnd light to darkGiving…