Cacao – Frequently Asked Questions:

By Vivienne Dempsey

Q: Does Ceremonial Cacao contain Caffeine?

A: Yes, Cacao contains trace amounts of naturally occurring caffeine 0.1-0.2%. It may vary slightly depending on factors such as the variety of Cacao bean, growing conditions and processing methods. The amount is too miniscule to affect even the most caffeine sensitive person. Our Saoró Bali Cacao tested for 0.129% which is at the lower end of the caffeine scale.

Q: What’s the difference between Ceremonial Grade Cacao and Cacao Nibs?

A: Ceremonial Grade Cacao is produced and prepared for use in Ceremonial and Spiritual contexts. It’s typically sourced from small organic plantations, where the Cacao is grown using traditional and sustainable methods. It’s processed differently to other types of Cacao. The

Cacao beans are fermented in wooden crates and then sun dried which helps preserve their natural flavours and nutritional properties. Through its production process Ceremonial Cacao keeps its integrity – nothing is lost or processed out, from an energetic point of view. As this is a plant medicine, this an imperative.

Q: Is Cacao okay for small children?

A: Yes! And they love it! Just go easy on the dosage. From ages 6 to 10 stay at 10 gms or under. There is a stimulant in there so morning time is best. My granddaughter is 9 and shares my daily dose of 20 gms for breakfast, so it also depends on the child.

Q: Is Cacao safe during pregnancy?

A: Absolutely! It contains wonderful nutrients such as Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and B Vitamins to support Mum and Baby. As it contains a stimulant Theobromine, which can pass through the placenta to the baby I’d keep the doses small, 15 gms is plenty and not more than 2 or 3 times per week. If there are underlying conditions or concerns please consult your doctor.  Likewise for nursing mothers.

Q: Is it safe to take Cacao with SSRIs?

A: Yes! And in fact we’d recommend it. There are no contraindications to using Cacao regularly when on antidepressants or anti psychotic medications. 

Q: Is Cacao safe if I have a diagnosis of hemochromatosis?

A: Yes it is generally perfectly safe. If your condition is acute enough that you are receiving medical treatment then use Cacao moderately, listen to your body and consult your doctor.

Q: Does Ceremonial Cacao contain gluten?

A: No it does not. However it is often produced in areas where cross contamination is possible.  I have not come across a Cacao producer who can guarantee no cross contamination. 

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