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For Saoro Poetry Month in February 2023 we talked to some poets we love to learn more about how they started, what inspires them & any advice they may have for writers starting out… 

Recently we caught up with Adele Leahy….

Saoro: How did you start writing poetry?

Adele: Thirteen years ago when I was in Dubai. I wrote my first poem – Ode to Ireland-  for the publication of the 2011 Dubai Irish Society when I was their President. 

Saoro: ⁠what does poetry mean to you? (As a writer & reader of poems)

Adele: It is my mental health net and something I am very passionate about. It brings me peace and allows me to distill my thoughts and feelings. I find it to be immensely cathartic.

Saoro: ⁠does writing poetry help you on your healing journey? 

Adele: Recently I facilitated an Art and Poetry workshop in Dublin City University Health and Wellness Centre over six weeks. Those who attended were going through the healing process. It was a great success as we all bonded, were vulnerable and felt the power of connection, art and poetry.

Saoro: ⁠do you have any tips or advice for anyone who would like to start to write but doesn’t know where to begin? 

Adele: On Writing by Stephen King is the new writer’s best Almanac. Every writer recommends it. The Writers and Artists Yearbook is also very useful. Why I Write by George Orwell and any poetry book by the phenomenal Rupi Kaur, such as Homebody.

My best advice is to get your thoughts down on paper. Then try to summarize them and remove needless words. Poetry is all about brevity. Think of the word that describes what you are writing, check the thesaurus for other words. If possible, think of a word that is never used to describe your word. E.g. Yeats writes- A terrible beauty was born.

In conversation with Adele Leahy

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