1 Year of Saoro

This time last year at the Sagittarius new moon, Saoro was birthed to the world. Vivienne had a vision for Saoro— of accessible, fair Cacao & of community – to celebrate many voices, to support each other to go further our healing, & to promote the beautiful holistic & creative work that is being done in Ireland.

One year on as we celebrate our birthday, we’ve been looking back at the year that was… our hearts have been blown open with the beautiful souls that we’ve had the joy to meet. 

  • Thank you for sharing your healing stories on Saoro.org. Your journey illuminates the path for us all
  • Thank you for sharing your poems & your art. Creativity nourishes the soul
  • Thank you for sharing your events & and the healing work you do – it’s a privilege to support you in sharing your healing energy in the world
  • Thank you to those beautiful souls who journeyed with us to deepen their relationship with Cacao & learnt how to lead their own Cacao circles in our facilitator training. Can’t wait to do it again next year!!
  • Thank you all the courageous men who opened their hearts in November to champion men’s healing. We love you guys
  • Thank you for meeting us at festivals (hello Uisneach, Festival Mná, Moonstock)
  • Thank you for meeting us in circle, on the mat, on the dance floor, in your hearts
  • Thank you for sitting with Mama Cacao – when we sit together with open heart, we’re weaving light into the collective field

Dancing is on our minds after our party on Friday but it’s a good analogy for what we do with Saoro— dancing on your own is fun for sure, but when you look around the floor at everyone moving in their unique way, it allows us all to go deeper….deeper into our beautiful bodies deeper into the music that connects us; deeper into the divine music within— to the spark that takes flight & joins us soul brother & sister- we’re so utterly grateful for the music you all bring, so grateful for you doing your own dance & sharing it with us. Long may it continue

Vivienne & Deirdre

Ps- thanks for donating to our Xmas shindig last week- after costs, all proceeds were donated to Earth Healer Animal Sanctuary @ehmedicinewoman ♥️

Photo credit – Lionello Delpiccolo

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