Blessing the Bali Cacao

Tumpek Pengatag, Cacao Blessing Ceremony

Tumpek Wariga, often called Tumpek Pengatag, Tumpek Pengarah, or Tumpek Bubuh, is celebrated exactly 25 days before Galungan Day. Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma (truth over wickedness). It rks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the earth. Tumpek Wariga is celebrated every 6 months.

Worship of Tumpek Uduh is an offering to the manifestation of God as the god Sangkara, ruler of plants.

The basic understanding of this worship is not in the sense of worshiping or worshiping plants, but as a form of prostration of gratitude that plants have become a source of livelihood, sustenance and healing for mankind.

For cocao farmers, this tumpek celebration is very special because cocao is the main income for the people of Jembrana and farmers will prepare offerings consisting of:

Pejati, sodan, porridge (cake/snack), tumpeng pitu (tumpeng seven) offered to Sang Hyang Sangkara. Sometimes cocoa farmers who have high economic capacity and have large gardens (+/- 3 – 5 ha) as a form of devotion to God, they prepare much larger offerings  as the highest form of devotion.

Other ingredients used are: holy water, incense and flowers of various colors. All family members pray together and celebrate gratitude by enjoying offerings together after the ceremony ends.”

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