Ancestral Healing

If we can adjust the karmic blueprints for ourselves ,
Our ancestors ,
And our descendants through
Healing and the power of love ,
The possibility for complete spiritual Evolution for all beings
is a given .

We live in a 3D world and existence but many are awakening now and gaining an understanding of their True essence , their spiritual power.

Stepping in to the role of the Healer in your lineage
Takes courage & faith ,
And lots of commitment .
Your family and your soul family will benefit
From all you do .
Hold fast to that thought
When times get tough
And the healing seems endless .
Hold fast to knowing that you have been chosen and that all you do has a ripple effect
Across the ancestral line , in all
Directions of time .

Remember how strong you are ,
And what you have chosen to undertake Here on earth .
You did not arrive alone
And unsupported ,
You came with a team of spiritual guides and access to all that is .
You came knowing ,
You came with understanding ,
You came with wisdom ,
And came from love .

And because of whom
You are ,
All healing is possible,
Because ,
You are that ,
knowing , understanding ,
wisdom and Love.

by Mel Murphy

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Mel Murphy
Mel Murphy
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