Mel Murphy

Mel Murphy Medium & Mentor is the owner of Holly Cottage Holistic Center near Coachford, Co Cork. 

Dating back to 1910, Holly cottage is now a six roomed Holistic Center, that was purposefully and mindfully restored in 2021 by Mel and it is set on acres of unspoiled land. Holly Cottage is Here to Help you Heal.

Mel’s natural connection to spirit strengthened over 20 years ago and she has been on her spiritual mission ever since. Mel is a Trance Medium and a Channell for a guide named Alexander. Mel works with Spirit in many ways, through offering private Evidential Mediumship readings, Trance communication, Trance Healing, Spirit Art, Psychic Art and  Auragraphs , Shamanic Art, and in groups for Labyrinth Healing ceremonies,and  Prayer Tree ceremonies.

Mel’s spiritual path has wound and woven over time, and she recognized early her soul role as Mentor & Teacher in this incarnation. Mel has been offering Training in her energy therapy modalities and abilities since 2012 and brings the essence of Joy through her teaching. She offers training in Integrated Energy Therapy, Mediumship and Psychic abilities, Trance Mediumship and Channeling, Spirit Art, Oracle reading, Kundalini Reiki Millenium Healing, Guided Journeying, and Meditation. 

Continuing with her own spiritual development and advancement is so important to Mel. For the past three years she has been studying Shamanism with Irish Shamans and with Shamanic Teachers in the Uk alongside studying Druidry with the Grove of Anu in Co Kerry. Mels light energy, combined with her spiritual knowledge, strength and support, enables you to remember who you are, helps you to recognize the Divinity in you and for you to reconnect with the Oneness.  

Here to Help you Heal and expand through private sessions in: 

  • Trance Healing and Speaking  
  • Evidential Mediumship  
  • Auragraph Readings 
  • Intuitive Mentoring 
  • Integrated Energy therapy 
  • Usui Reiki and  Seichim 
  • Kundalini Reiki Millenium Healing modalities. 
  • Individual teaching /mentoring for all Psychic and Mediumship, and Trance skills.
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