More-vember – Together We Thrive…

Saoro & Men Rising Together are teaming up to raise awareness of men’s healing in all of its aspects during the month of November. 

As we know Movember does an amazing job to raise awareness & funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer & men’s suicide.

Here at Saoro & Men Rising Together, we believe that healing means physical wellness but also spiritual, emotional & mental well-being. As we heal ourselves as individuals, the fire expands and grows, rippling out into every relationship, from the relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your personal & professional life, to community and beyond into the collective consciousness. 

During the month of November, we want to broaden the conversation beyond the idea of men’s physical & mental health to support the thriving & expanding of men’s wellbeing at the individual level & the collective. 

That’s why this Movember, we’ll be exploring men’s healing & well-being in all it’s dimensions.

Tune into Saoro & Men Rising Together  during the month of November to learn more about men’s healing, men’s work in your area, stories of men healing themselves, their brotherhood & their families. We’ll be doing lives, sharing & celebrating individual & collective, & culminating in a men’s gathering at the end of the month.

If you haven’t already, follow @saoroexperience & @menrisingtogether to learn more about what’s coming up. 

Please do invite the men in your life to join this crucial conversation — together we thrive…

If you work in men’s healing, please also get in touch – we’d love to showcase you & your work…

To support Movember: Movember Ireland

If you need to talk: Samaritans Ireland

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