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Saoro are excited to announce the arrival of our new own brand premium Ceremonial Cacao from the paradise island of Bali. We’ve been inspired by the sacred energies of ‘the Island of the Gods’ where a more ancient (or shamanic) form of Hinduism is practiced. In Bali, the sense of sacred is never far from everyday life- most of the population have shrines in their gardens or villages for daily offerings, prayer and meditation.

The energies of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses Shiva, Kali and Ganesh are deeply rooted in the land and the psyche. Exquisite temples can be found all over the island. The energy of this divine Cacao has a beautifully high vibration like the land from which originates and is truly a medicine for the heart and soul, a Cacao that gives herself to you completely. 

Saoro’s Cacao beans come from the Jembrana region in the north western part of Bali.This region is one of the most isolated and untouched landscapes on the island. Jembrana is a mountainous area, covered in virgin jungle that sweeps down to a rugged coast of vast beaches and turquoise ocean. It’s famous for its biodiversity with an abundance of wildlife and rare coral. The coast is dotted by stunning Water Temples which have stood for centuries.

Our Cacao is produced for us by the Mason family, Bali’s finest Artisan Chocolatiers who are passionate about Cacao and also sustainability. “We want to make sure that our Cacao not only benefits consumers but also the farmers, villages and the local environment” noted Jian Mason. The Masons achieve this by working closely with the Rainforest Alliance, with Kalimajari Bali, the ICCRI (Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute) and of course with their farmers, Koperasi Kerta Semaya (KSS). This Cacao is crafted with loving intention by people who understand the connection between all things and the sacredness of their work. The care and attention it receives in production makes this an incredibly smooth and luxurious cacao which is truly wonderful to work with. Saoro has so much appreciation for everyone involved in this process!

The renowned Balinese artist, Irena Isabella has designed the packaging (and indeed our own Saoro logo) depicting the revered Eagle God Garuda in flight. And that’s what our Cacao is all about: Freedom, Vision and Light. May Garuda and our Bali Cacao bestow these Blessings on all who wish to receive, allowing our Spirit to Soar. 

Thank you for supporting our Saoro Community. 

Together we thrive. 


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