Roxy Sava

Cacao & Me

“SHE holds me,
She inspires me and teaches me to TRUST, trust my intuition and divine intelligence
She helps me to descend into the deepest rooms of my heart
And allows me to see that the LIGHT is from WITHIN to go within and outside.
She shows me how to overflow my cup, its UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for all that is , starting with MYSELF.
She touches my soul with velvety drops
They roll down and gently gather all the dust caught up in the entanglement of my thoughts
To make space for grace and GRATITUDE
This is what velvet does isn’t it?
“Isn’t she beautiful? ” she asks
“Isn’t she perfect in the imperfection? ” she says
Conversing with my HIGHER SELF
“Who? Me?” I ask
“Yes, you” she replies
She is my friend, my teacher, a nurturer
The ONE who grabbed my hand on the last hundred metres of my returning home
She knew I was tired, thirsty, bleeding and sometimes ready to give up before the destination was reached.
She got my attention and walked with me the silent walk HOME of a peaceful warrior
I had to be silent, the last part of the journey was about ACCEPTANCE.
Half way through, I realised we know each other for years, centuries, millennia
We are both coming from the same source, LOVE, we both have a mother, the MOTHER.

Let’s gather around the fire,
Let the TREES stand tall, as space holders
Allow the sacred breath of LIFE to open the chalice of the HEART
We are about to listen to her story
She is so eager to express herself to you.
“The love is so vast, that you can never not be part of it” she says
“Listen to HER, come play together and I promise you will be met by a PRESENCE so large that you cannot miss it” I said
She is MAMA CACAO ❤️”
Endless Love
Roxy Sava


Cacao & Me is a series where we’ve asked people to tell us about their relationship with cacao, how they work with it, what impact it’s had on their lives & so on.
If you’d like to share your journey with Cacao please get in touch at or though Instagram @saoroexperience

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Roxy Sava
Roxy Sava
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